About Us

Who we are

Utopia Café and Brewtopia Coffeehouse are locally-owned, local coffeehouse located in Regina, Saskatchewan

As a boutique café, we are able to draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Our executive staff spent months abroad learning about making unique desserts and beverages in order to bring them to Regina. We have visited many famous cafés to learn from their success and implement those strategies into our operations. Additionally, our team carefully researched local residents’ flavour palates and preferences to create a delicious menu for our customers. 

Our mission

An important component of our business is not just our products, but our service. Our underlying philosophy is to choose product lines that will bring consistent quality, competitive prices, and product satisfaction to our customers. We promise to provide great ambience, friendly customer service, and products of high quality every time you visit.

We also value sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in our business by limiting plastics and single-use items and we encourage our customers to do so as well! Our efforts strive to bring nature into our space as much as possible, resulting in a place where people can enjoy a clean, fresh atmosphere and feel good about their time at Utopia Café.

Come visit our café today and experience the magic of enjoy!